At Independent Call Industries (ICI) we offer dynamic solutions for all your company’s communications outsourcing needs. With cumulative 25 years of experience under our belt it makes us leaders in the industry.

ICI delivers Outbound as well as Inbound services like 24hr Answering Services, Infrastructure Rental,Event & RSVP Management, Customer Care, Compliments & Complaints Logging, Full outsourced Call centre seat, Order Taking, Database Cleanse, Surveys and many more. What it comes down to is that we have experience, industry knowledge and the services no matter what your requirements are.




Flexible to Your Needs


Excellent Customer Care


Outsourced Call Centre Seat

Increase your profits, Grow your business & Extend your operating hours. Contact us to find out how!

It’s Your Call!

Our Call Centres are fully flexible to your needs

We have the capacity to cater for any level of campaign, both inbound & outbound for the certain time frames needed.
We use the latest technology offering a variety of services.