24hr Answering Service

Being available 24/7 to resolve urgent business matters can be a crucial business need. Have a centralised answering logging call centre, contacting you in the case of an emergency by sending you a sms or phoning you. With our convenient incident logging system you can ensure that your business is contactable at all times. Never drop calls and make sure your customers, employees or suppliers can always reach you when needed.

Database Cleansing

Ever ended up with a database of contacts with old, redundant & inaccurate data, crucial to your business? Database cleansing or scrubbing is used effectively in our call centres to update valuable information and ensure that you have the best available data to empower your company. The advantages are endless which includes more constructive application of organisational resources, both on a sales and financial level, marketing power and many more.

Event & RSVP Management

Whether you are managing, planning, booking or promoting an event, our centralised call centre is a great way of setting up a event management centre. We handle bulk inbound calls where bookings can be loaded, scheduled, cancelled and all the relevant information captured. Outbound campaigns are implemented with great success by populating your event register & ensuring invitees becomes attendants. SMS & email functionality can be added.

Compliment & Complaint Logs

Service and quality levels differ in every business, but with accurate record keeping of all compliments & complaints you can stay up-to-date with information on where your company is over- or under performing. Setting your service level standards and measuring them against our logs can identify your business’s key strengths and weaknesses.


Collecting quantitative information about your proposed population is a great way of surveying customer experiences, factual data, opinions and industry research. With our convenient setup of the service and a detailed survey outlay we ensure that you receive the results most applicable to the business case and giving the power back to your business.

Outsourced Call Centre Seat

Setting up your own call centre can be expensive and requires a lot of time and specialised knowledge. Our customers trust us to run their call centres as a part of their business enabling us to seamlessly integrate with their processes. By making use of our full outsourced call centre seat we will handle calls, emails and documents on your behalf.

Customer Care

Customer care is a core value for any successful business. Our call centre adds value with friendly service & customer based outcomes. Customer service has become increasingly impersonal, but with our special touch your customers can experience the service they deserve.

Order Taking

Whatever the market mix you plan to use, we are there to help you close the sale. Combining our professional call centre agents and state of the art technological infrastructure and support we ensure your orders are closed efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism.

Infrastructure Rental

Renting call centre infrastructure has many benefits. One of the main reasons why our clients choose to make use of this service is the flexibility and scalability it gives them. Our infrastructure is built on state of the art technology that leads to cost savings and greater productivity.

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